Refund Policy

We hope that every experience with Dodecki is awesome. We understand, however, that sometimes things happen that may not be what you expected it to be. In that unlikely event, we invite you to review the following terms related to getting a refund on your purchase.

If there is a problem with your order, simply file a claim on the transaction in question listed in your Dodecki order history within 14 days. Tell us why you weren’t satisfied (e.g. the business failed to fulfill your order, or got it wrong). Most likely, we will reverse the transaction and credit your Dodecki account within 24 hours. Frequent or large requests may take some time for us to investigate your claim. Fraudulent claims could lead to a suspension of your Dodecki account.

Dodecki Credit

When you load credit on your Dodecki account, you are buying a digital good that can be used at participating businesses that have affiliated with Dodecki to receive orders via Dodecki’s apps. You may load additional credits to your account at any time. Credits expire one year from initial date of purchase and may not be redeemed by Dodecki or at a Dodecki Merchant for cash. We make every effort to ensure your credit is secure, and so should you. If you believe your account has been compromised in any way, you should report it immediately to Dodecki. Credit used without your permission is usually restored within 48 hours, subject to an audit of your account.