Dodecki launches Android version, sends users to the front of the line at favorite eating establishments

Mobile app streamlines ordering, payment, rewards for restaurant customers

Dodecki for AndroidHONOLULU, HI — May 7, 2015 — Dodecki, the Honolulu-based restaurant payment and ordering app, announced today it has launched an Android version, making it easier than ever for restaurant and coffee shop customers to get in, get out, and get on with their lives.

After launching in March on iTunes, Dodecki is also now available on Google Play.

Dodecki now gives users of both Android and iOS mobile devices the convenience of a complete, beginning-to-end ordering experience at restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries and more. This comprehensive app, which was created right here in Hawaii, allows a customer to view a merchant’s menu, customize his or her order, and pay for it on most mobile devices.

The consumer can then track the order in real time to see when it is ready, and pick it up while it’s fresh and hot, without the hassle of waiting in lines or getting the order mixed up at the point of sale.

The free Dodecki mobile app, which users can download from Apple’s App Store, Google Play or at, gives customers access to full-service ordering for many restaurants across Oahu, the Big Island, and Maui, with more to come. These merchants will offer Dodecki users exclusive discounts, loyalty rewards and coupons. This allows users to ditch a wallet full of loyalty and VIP cards, while continuing to get the best prices, offers, and discounts possible.

“Dodecki users know they’re going to get the correct order fast, hassle-free, and at the lowest cost offered by our merchants,” said Dodecki CEO and co-founder Michael Gifford. “Why spend time standing in line at your favorite coffee shop when the perfect venti double-mocha latte is at your fingertips?”

Users link their Dodecki account to their preferred method of payment — credit card or debit card — and use a simple menu interface to customize their favorite meal, snack or drink before they finalize their purchase. When the order is ready, the user is notified and can then stroll past the line to the counter to retrieve it.

Frequent orders can be saved and easily resubmitted for future purchases.

Some apps allow users to place orders, while others offer users mobile coupons. Some allow mobile payments and others include loyalty programs. But Dodecki is the only app that combines all these features into one streamlined, easy-to-use interface.

“Dodecki’s mission is simple — to help customers skip the queue and get on with their day,” Gifford said. “Dodecki simplifies the everyday process of getting coffee, take-out, or treats. From ordering to paying to getting discounts, Dodecki puts the entire process in one place.”

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