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Dodecki is a proud member of the Hawaii Restaurant Association

Dodecki is a proud member of the Hawaii Restaurant Association — HRA members get 50% off setup and 25% off Smart Coupon packages!

Dodecki helps restaurants go mobile — make it easy for customers to order and pay from their phones with Dodecki’s restaurant mobile ordering app.

Mobile is the future, and we want to empower your restaurant, café, or food truck with cutting-edge technology. Our business model differs from those Big Name competitors you may have read about — we don’t take a large percentage your sales for the privilege to be listed on Dodecki.

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Better Together

  • Accept mobile orders
  • Low $99 setup (includes menu entry and FREE tablet to receive orders)
  • No monthly fees 
  • Low payment-processing fee


  • Build Your Brand

Dodecki allows you to instantly accept mobile orders from our free apps on iPhone and Android.

  • Risk-free

We provide our software completely free to restaurants — there are no per order, monthly or setup fees. We just charge a minimum fee to cover payment processing.

  • Dedicated Support

We’re committed to offering you excellent on-going customer support.


  • 30% Larger Orders

Mobile orders are on average 30% larger than in-store orders, according to Mastercard and other industry sources.

  • Increased Throughput

Mobile ordering is like having dozens of cash registers open at once. Restaurants accepting mobile ordering average an 11% volume increase.

  • 85% Repeat Orders

Dodecki makes reordering extremely easy for customers with order history and stored payment information. Mobile customers are 85% more likely to reorder from a restaurant.

  • Employee Efficiency

Advanced ordering reduces the strain on cashiers, allowing them to serve more in-store customers. Get more out of your employees and grow your business!

  • Customer Loyalty

Cultivate customer loyalty by providing an easy reordering experience and rewards. Happy customers are loyal customers.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Customers don’t like waiting in line. Give them VIP treatment with a more convenient way to order.

  • Increased Revenue

Larger orders. Repeat orders. Improved employee efficiency. You’ll even be able to serve more customers by reducing the in-store lineup. All of this adds up to increased revenue for your business.

  • New Customers

Customers talk. Word will spread that you not only offer a superior experience, but that it’s super easy and convenient. New customers will discover your restaurant through Dodecki’s listings.

You may also email us at or call +1 855-DODECKI (+1 855-363-3254).


Want a branded app for your business? We also offer Powered by Dodecki vanity apps.

Let us show you how we can partner together to increase your sales and enhance your marketing efforts with Dodecki’s Smart Coupons.