Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there no Places when I open Dodecki, or why did a Place disappear from the list?

Currently Dodecki only returns Places that are open in your area at the time you access the app. If you find the Places view empty, there’s probably no open places near you. If you found a Place previously and it’s no longer in the list, it’s likely closed on Dodecki during those hours.

We have strong feedback from users asking to be able to see closed Places as well, and plan to make this possible in a future update.

How can I be confident my payment information is secure?

Dodecki is unequivocally committed to security, especially when it comes to your sensitive information. Dodecki uses — and will only ever use — payment processors that manage these sorts of things with utmost security protocols. Customer payment data never passes through our systems — it goes directly from your device over secure, encrypted channels to our processor (currently Stripe, which is highly regarded in this space and used by many companies large and small). The payment processor sends Dodecki a unique token telling us you’re approved and then we push the order through.

Paying online is very secure. Keep in mind swiping a card has far more security risks (see Target breaches and others) and is being phased out.

Further, banking regulations protect consumers from fraudulent charges, and credit card customers even more so.

Can I use Apple Pay or Android Pay to checkout?

Not yet — but Dodecki does have plans in the not-so-distant future to add Apple Pay and Android Pay options that offer advanced security enhancements with some really cool technology (only transmits one-time-use tokens — never the actual card number — so even IF intercepted and decrypted, it’d be useless). Right now, the technology still requires the newest phones and requires banks to enable this for their customers (more and more are participating), but it’s coming soon!

Do you have a question? [ Contact us ] — we want to help make Dodecki better for you!