Startup Reboot

In a previous email, I’d said that launching a startup was hard — much harder than I’d ever anticipated. Since then, it’s been a crazy rollercoaster ride, with some really low lows. We had some changes late last year on our core team that posed an existential threat to the company. Had I not had the vision and passion to persevere, it would have been so easy to give up and walk away many times.

But we did press on, firmly believing that Dodecki still has a big role to play in the emerging mobile commerce sector.

In June, we recruited Titus Peterson as Dodecki’s CTO and immediately began assessing our situation. Our top priority was getting a product launched quickly to gain traction in the shortest amount of time. With that goal in mind, we ‘rebooted’ the company, distilled Dodecki down to some key features, and got to work.

dodecki-rebootAfter months of labor, I’m thrilled to announce that Dodecki v1.0 is about to be submitted to the Apple App Store, with an Android app slated for the spring. This release lets you skip the queue and order ahead from your phone. And we’re launching in Hawaii!

Our Deals + Rewards feature offers users personalized discounts and loyalty rewards for using Dodecki. It’s also a way for any business of any size to target a very specific (or broad) audience based on any number of attributes, including user demographics, geographics, diets, preferences, and more. This technology is a marketer’s dream — empowering mom-and-pops shops and enterprise companies alike!

Brian Pernicone joined Team Dodecki late last year as our Director of Communications. I’m collaborating with him to help get the word out in the coming weeks.

We’re hustling to build a sustainable, super-scalable company. I’m working closely with our COO, Brendan Shriane, to get restaurants on board.

We value your thoughts and any feedback to make Dodecki better!

-Michael Gifford

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