Dodecki is an ambitious startup born in Hawaii with global aspirations. We aim to empower businesses with mobile ordering and highly targeted marketing capabilities and offer users personalized promotions and rewards.

Key Facts

  • Founded: April 2012
  • Founders: Michael Gifford, Brendan Shriane, LJ Bates III, Titus Peterson
  • Launch: Q1 2015
  • Located: Honolulu and Seattle
  • What is a ‘dodecki’? Dodecki derives its name from the mystical dodecahedron, a twelve-sided polyhedron. It’s a bundle of science, mathematics, and play (think dice), representing our startup’s values. Also, recent discoveries indicate the universe may indeed be a dodecahedron.


brian_perniconeBrian Pernicone
Director of Communications

iqbal_ashrafIqbal Ashraf
General Manager (Hawaii)

Advisory Board


Dean Levitt
Mad Mimi / GoDaddy

Startup Incubator

Founder Institute
Founder Institute
Honolulu 2013

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